Data Trails

I don’t often give a lot of thought about how much information about myself I am putting out into the abyss of the internet, however I can see the results of it on a regular basis. I’ll occasionally Google myself to ensure that nothing unsavoury would come up if an employer or teacher were to […]

Peer Review: Design

Reviewing a peer in this class is an interesting process because I know that things are always in flux and constantly changing, but I was very excited to explore a fellow classmate’s website and really get into the details of who they are and what is working and what is not. For this project the […]

Design Journey

Talking about design today in class was unbelievably helpful in determining what I wanted to do to change the appearance of my blog. It was great learning about fonts and loading times in the first hour and a bit, and I really learned a lot about what these kinds of things will say about my […]