A very bad day

I try to keep the tone of my blog posts light. I have a sense of humour and I can see how different situations can be funny, how I can spin them and make them something positive or quirky. This is easy, most of the time, because I feel that the things that happen to me are amusing, or charming, or at least the kind of tragic that makes people groan and say “me too!”

I can’ really do that right now. I feel like the more I try to stay upbeat the worse the world knocks me down. I used to love school. I used to love my job. I used to feel safe and secure and that I knew you and I knew where I stood. I don’t anymore. I can’t bring myself to laugh right now.

I hate seeing my friends feel this way too. It’s not fair. They make this world too hard for us.

I’m just so, so tired, and so, so sad.

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  1. Tomorrow’s a new day Hannah. Miss your smile this term. Being a student’s exhausting, I get it. Not to mention life itself. Sorround yourself with the people that support you the most, treat yourself to your favourite guilty pleasures, and remember that we grow the most from those moments we consider the most difficult. Xo 😘 You are amazing.

    1. Thanks Nicole, I miss having you around as well! I appreciate your words, and those are the things I need to keep reminding myself of. Thank you, xoxo!

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