Yes, I am a few days late on celebrating International Women’s Day. Forgive me.

I have been seized, quite recently, with a deep, passionate, shout from the rooftops kind of love for the women in my life. In the past 48 hours in particularly, I have been reflecting on the love, kindness and support I’ve received recently, but also, throughout my entire life. Honestly, my heart swells and my eyes tear up when I think of the massive support group I have been blessed with.

There are the women I go to school with, whom I feel supported and loved by, though I’ve only known them a couple of months.

The women I work with, who are also some of the best friends I’ve had the chance to make in this world- they have seen every up and down of the last six months and have given me exactly what I needed at the time, whether it be time off to heal my heart or my body, snuggles, back scratches, trips to Ikea or fun nights out. These women also have been open with me, expressing themselves to the fullest, whether I have caused them pain, or whether I have made them proud or helped them think something through.

There are the women who have been in my life for the longest, who I don’t speak to much, but never doubt the love and support behind our friendship. Whose pain I cannot imagine and whose strength I admire deeply.

There are the women who live too far away and who used to be my shoulders to cry on and my deepest confidants. I miss these women so, so much that it hurts sometimes, but I know that distance is nothing with friendships this strong.

Then there are the women who are my best friends, who let me ask weird personal questions, answer their phones at 1 am when I’m freaking out, whom I have inside jokes with and history and who I never, ever fear judgement from. These women remind me that I’m not allowed to settle for anything but the best, because I deserve it, just as they do. We have fought and we have disagreed but we have made up, because when friends become this ingrained in who you are they are more like sisters. They share their fears and their experience and they make me yummy food and help me move and let me cry.

There are the women who have acted as examples, mentors, and friends, whom I strive to emulate in various aspects of my being, and who remind me that I am young and have so far to go, and to be kind to myself.

There are the women who are my friends. Who offer kind words or funny jokes, who pass time with me and make me feel interesting and funny.

There are the women who are strangers, whom I have felt love and presence from without ever speaking to them. A locked eye on a night-time walk home, the look we share when a man says something we cannot agree with but fear to argue with. I feel your spirit and I’m grateful for it.

There are, especially the women I am related to. These women are all so very different but have taught me so many things in so many ways, and their love is endless and boundless and almost frightening at times. They sit with me until the wee hours of the night and were there for my proudest and most unfortunate moments in life.

I’m going through a very weird, transitional period in my life, and I honestly don’t know what I would be doing without the constant love and support all of these women have provided me with. Even the tiniest thing has been huge for me lately, so thank you.

(PS! Any of the above also applies to trans women and folks who are non-binary. Initially I felt this was implied, but thought I’d include it just in case ♥)

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