oops I wrote this and then realized my domain expired so I couldn’t post. Belated Blue Monday thoughts:

Today is Blue Monday. It’s supposed to be the saddest day of the year.

The funny thing is, I’m not feeling all that sad. A little lonely, as I usually do when I work from home, but not sad. This is kind of unique for me. I feel like sad is kind of my default, as sad as that is to say. But I feel like, and I never really thought this would happen – like I’m starting to come into my own as a person. Starting to feel comfy with the me that exists, and the me that has potential to be.

So, here’s a list of why I’m not blue on this Monday:

The temperature has popped above zero! After a week of not really being able to leave the house because it was -40C, it’s finally returned to a temperature that can sustain human life – and, the best part – it didn’t even give me a migraine! This is a miracle.

I don’t really get migraines anymore? I think overcaffeinating, never sleeping, and stressing constantly about school may have been my migraine triggers. I think I’ve only had one in the past year? That’s incredible. Wow.

I’m starting to feel more settled in my career. Feeling good about where things are heading and my ability to get there.

Despite issues as of late, it’s become really clear in my life that there are a lot of people whose opinions and presence really mean a lot to me. Getting to grow these friendships, or just hold tight to the thought of them, makes me feel very warm.

I’m incredibly lucky to have family who cares a lot about me, which is especially evident in the way they’ve been taking care of me since I broke my leg.

I get to embrace art in a way that I haven’t in years! Have you ever done something so much you get sick of it, then return to it and realize how sickeningly in love with it you’ve always been? That’s me and theatre. Despite being slowed down by my injury, rehearsal is the best part of every week and I’m so happy to be able to do this again, and in one of my favourite shows in the world, to boot!

I really manage to lean into the negative sometimes, but man, when it feels good, it just feels really good. Hope that your Monday isn’t too blue.

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