What I’ve learned using Tinder for the past 5 months (on and off)

A follow up to the popular March 2017 post: “What I’ve learned using Tinder for two weeks”. Basically, just putting down in writing how jaded and grumpy I’ve become. Just kidding. No, not kidding at all.

I’ve downloaded and deleted Tinder like 10 times since I first got it, and it has definitely lost its appeal. I guess all love fades with time, and so too did my romance with the well-known dating app.

I’ve met some cool people on Tinder. I’ve met more people who seemed cool and then weren’t at all. Now, I just swipe aimlessly when I’m bored and then accidentally ignore everyone who messages me. It’s a very fulfilling practice that I will probably continue next time I re-download. In the meantime, enjoy some less optimistic observations about my time on Tinder.

1. People suck and the internet is garbage.

Might as well start with a reality check. The internet is full of horrible people and I seem to have come across most of them.

2. When you see a friend on Tinder and they don’t match with you, you’ll be gripped with an existential crisis of epic proportions.

Do they think I’m disgusting? Do they think I’ll take it the wrong way? Am I not cool enough to have “haha we matched on Tinder but shouldn’t actually date” witty banter? Are they just worried I’ll blog about it? Too bad, blogging about it anyway.

3. Sometimes Tinder makes a nice ice-breaker for real life, or shall we say, old fashioned, connections.

Those exist?

4. “Hannah!” is not an adequate pick-up line. Neither are active cliches like “if you could pick one ____ in the world to ____, what would it be?”

5. If people say they are “not” something… they usually are that thing.

6. You will get a lot more matches if you have a picture of yourself in a bathing suit.

Which brings me to my final point…

7. People suck and the internet is garbage.


That, or I’m just bored. Hey world, surprise me or something!

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  1. Cate Richardson says: Reply

    I just read the preface for Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please” like half an hour ago and I enjoyed this blog post more.
    Please keep writing!

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