Peer Review: Design

Reviewing a peer in this class is an interesting process because I know that things are always in flux and constantly changing, but I was very excited to explore a fellow classmate’s website and really get into the details of who they are and what is working and what is not. For this project the goal is to look at the design of the website, and how it reflects the person who has created it, and whether or not it is achieving what the designer has set out to do. My peer is John, of

Upon first glance at John’s page, you can tell he is someone who really understands aesthetics and the kind of image he wants to reflect. This is clearly an artistic guy who is in touch with what is trendy, yet who is still an individual with his own identity and own twists on the traditional. The page is very, very clean. There is fantastic hierarchy and a beautiful balance of white space with text and images. John’s page does not overload the viewer with images, however there are certainly enough to keep the view interested and engaged, and not overwhelmed by the text.

I like the clean lines that run throughout the site. For whatever reason, the borders on the pictures seem super sharp and clean, which is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and likely a reflection of John’s personal preferences when it comes to aesthetics.

The website is also very easy to navigate. I love the menu at the top, and the drop down menu from that point so that the viewer can visit specific blog posts from the main page. There is great hierarchy between the title, the menu, and the posts themselves. It is very logical and easy to follow, and it directs your eye to the appropriate places in the order that I believe was intended during the design process.

I think the theme is a really smart choice because it is working with the aesthetic choices that John has been using, especially including the clean lines in the rectangles that mirror those of the photos John has included in his posts. The fonts are also sharp, clean, and easy to read, and do not detract from the reading process.

This website is providing me with a lot of inspiration. John clearly has a strong idea of who he is, and what he wants to project through his site. I feel like I do not have quite such a specific design/aesthetic through my blog, and I would love to have my site reflect me as much as John’s seems to reflect him.

I think it’s smart to include the links to tumblr and Instagram on the page, because these are sites that John clearly uses on a regular basis and reflect who he is as a person and as an artist.

One suggestion for John: I want to see more of your photographs! I can see you have a lot of skill as an artist in that medium and I’d be super intrigued to see what else you have to offer on that front! I’m super jealous of your talent, and how it really ties the theme of your site together. Amazing work!

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