25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25

(The author on her 25th birthday, lipstick stains and all.)

FINALLY! Another list where someone tells me what I need to do with my life.

Or really, just like, do whatever you want and don’t buy into the idea that there is a right time to do anything.

I turned 25 about a month ago, and it’s pretty much the same. The build up to the birthday was very stressful, though, because of all the things I thought I would have done by this point in my life. Here is a somewhat helpful list of things that you may or may not want to do before you turn 25, or any time really.

1. Move away from your hometown.

This one was huge for me, and it gave me a lot of opportunities to discover myself in ways I don’t think I would have if I’d stayed home. Being away from your comfort zone has an amazing way of reducing your hang ups and letting you get to know yourself in a different way. Would recommend.

2. Fall in love.

I put it in here because it has been very impactful on my life, however, I realize that many people just haven’t had this happen to them or are not interested in romantic love in any sense. I’m very cool with that. But if you’re afraid of getting hurt, and that’s what’s holding you back, dive right in baby! It’s worth it (I think).

3. Do something that terrifies you.

I went to theatre school and that was the scariest thing a human being can do.

4. Eat mac and cheese at 4am with your roommates.

The best chats happen late at night on kitchen floors.

5. Work hard.

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t put a little elbow grease into it.

6. Try new foods.

This is something that only started happening when I moved away from home. Turns out I’m not as picky as I thought I was!

7. Say yes more often.

Unless you don’t want to. Then, DEFINITELY don’t say yes. But if you’re in your pajamas and someone wants to take you for ice cream just say yes, the best plans are spur of the moment.

8. Make new friends.

I was lucky enough to meet a lot of my dearest friends in junior high, but guess what, there are more people out there! I’ve made some really extraordinary friends in the past few years and they have been such a gift to my life.

9. Say bye to negativity.

People, environments, nah, don’t need them, I’ve got enough of that in my own head!

10. Find a hobby you love and DO it.

Hopefully it’s not expensive, but if it is, you’ll make it work!

11. Try to write an excessively long blog post.

Oh I’m already 25 oops. (Was 25 too many to make a list from?)

12. Get a tattoo.

Tattoos are cool.

13. Learn when to put yourself first.

Being selfless is often seen as a very positive thing, but when you’re constantly putting others before yourself it can end up taking a serious toll on your psyche. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. It is your life, after all.

14. Learn how to cook!

Seriously, become an adult. You don’t have to do it very often but it makes life a lot easier and also makes you more appealing to potential mates.

15. Listen to a ton of podcasts.

Podcasts are the best thing about the 21st century, I think.

16. Give advice.

I often find I learn the most about myself when I’m trying to help someone else out. Don’t give unsolicited advice, though. That is rude an unappreciated. Also don’t tell anyone to definitely follow your advice, just offer it like breadcrumbs to duckies.

17. Share your stories/struggles/experiences.

When you trust someone and really connect with them, that’s when life really starts to get rewarding, and where friendships start to get super deep. One could argue that I tend to overshare, but I think oversharing and connecting with a bunch of people is a much better option than isolating myself.

18. Travel!

Go somewhere that is not where you are right now. It is fun sometimes and also it is sometimes terrible but then you have great stories.

19. Travel alone.

Like the above but way scarier and way more rewarding.

20. Finish something.

A crossword, school, a race, whatever. It feels good!

21. Quit something.

Sometimes things aren’t worth our time or energy. Quitting isn’t always a bad thing.

22. Live with too many people in a big house.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself, about other people, and you definitely won’t want to do this any later than your mid twenties cause it gets kind of annoying. Lots of good parties, though.

23. Let your heart get broken.

Yes, it’s a good learning experience, but more importantly, putting yourself out there enough that there is potential for your heart to be broken is a pretty beautiful thing to do.

24. Eat lots of good food.

The time is coming to love yourself in a way that perhaps you did not before. Eat what you want. Enjoy your life!

25. Fall in love with yourself.

This one is the hardest to accomplish and is definitely a work in progress for everyone, but I would definitely give it a shot. I have a level of confidence that I didn’t have when I was younger and this has made me start to really appreciate the kickass things about myself that I really cherish. If you can’t find those right now, that is so, so okay, but I promise, they are there, and you are most definitely worthy of your own love.


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