Peer Review #3

Wow, incredible that we are so near the end of the semester! This has completely flown by!

I was assigned to review Devon’s site:, and discuss the application of audiences and channels.

Upon opening the URL I am struck with how strong a homepage the website has. It is clear immediately that this site is about photography and that is presented to the reader through the presence of a very eye-catching and beautiful photo of (presumably?) the artist with stunning mountains in the background. Right off the bat I can tell the nature of the site and what kind of audience the site would appeal to: that being, natural photographers.

Devon’s page is really clean and well-laid out, however his “About” page doesn’t offer me the information that I am craving! I want to learn about how he got started with photography, what he’s all about, all of the really important stuff, however the About section is bare and unfinished. That’ll come together with time I’m sure.

The impression that I get upon looking at the blog is that the kind of people Devon is targeting are those with similar interests. That interest is chiefly: photography, as the URL would suggest. The artwork is beautiful and clean, but there are only two posts so far! This has truly only piqued my interest and I want to follow more, however, I’m not certain that would apply to the larger spectrum of potential audience members. It’s possible they would be deterred by the lack of content.

As someone who is not a member of the photography community, I cannot say exactly what these people would be looking for, however I can say that I appreciate the artwork that has been posted and I can see that it would be accessible for someone who is not a member of the photography community (i.e. myself) as well as those who actually know a thing or two and are looking to connect with people with similar interests.

I particularly enjoy the titles that are linked to the photos. They are interesting enough to draw me to click on the heading, and then from there it is fascinating to see how the title and the photograph are connected and to think about why that particular title was chosen. It’s cool to see the publishing student combined with the photographer in these posts.

I think with more content and a well-developed “About” page, this is going to be a really fantastic place to post Devon’s art and will draw and interact with a community of like-minded artists, as well as those who are not artists, but who appreciate good art, in the future.

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