The Best Thing I Ever Did

Every once in a while, an event occurs that changes your life in its entirety. Sometimes you know exactly how momentous the situation is. Sometimes it sneaks up on you.

In this case, it was pretty obvious how huge, titanic, even, the course of my life would be altered, but not from the beginning.

I did a lot of theatre as a teenager, and as I was heading into grade 12, wanted to do a fun show to cap off my years in the Calgary community theatre scene. Randomly, I decided to audition for a show at the University of Calgary done by some friends of my aunt. I was skeptical, but hadn’t had luck elsewhere, so I went for it.

What resulted were some of the best months of my life. Rehearsals were on Friday nights, which was weird, but meant that people hung around afterward, often hitting the pub or going to someone’s house to play games. I’d never felt so welcomed by a group of people before.

Most of us were young, and silly, and we spent a lot of time drinking and singing karaoke and dancing on tables and backstage. There was drama – so much drama. There were a lot of tears of love and of joy and of sadness for our characters and that things had to change.

Usually, when you do a show that is magical and bonds you, those bonds fade and you all move on with your lives. This wasn’t the case.

10 years since the best show of my life is also 10 years since I met some of the best friends I’ve had the privilege of knowing. One even convinced me to move to a new city and try that acting thing out for a little while – and in a year I’ll have the joy of standing beside her as she marries the love of her life. One has been the most consistent friend I’ve had over the last ten years. No fights, no bullshit – long distance for most of it and now my go-to friend for all things music, beer, and the hard shit as well.

Some of them are so dear to me that even though I don’t seen them very often, I treasure the memories we’ve made and the opportunities we’ll have to keep making them. You’re all so amazing, and my life is much better with you in it.

Other notable moments: my first relationship (can we call it that?), my first time getting drunk, my second show with my adorable dad, my 18th birthday, and probably a lot that I’ve blocked out haha.

Anyway, feeling nostalgic and full of love. I always thought we’d mark this milestone with a party, but the world has had other plans. We’ll meet tomorrow, I guess.

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