Am I falling in love or is it just cold outside?

It’s December. Trees are up and decorated. Cookies are being baked. Joy and cheer fill the air.

Also, it’s fucking cold outside.

They call this time of year cuffing season, and with good reason. People don’t want to brave the elements alone. A twenty minute drive turns into an hour. It takes three hours to defrost after being outside for 32 seconds. You need to keep a warm body nearby, or you may not survive!

A few months ago, I was ready to mingle. I was going to go on dates and meet new people and be fun and exciting.

Then it got cold.

I still have fun, but now I don’t have to make small talk and he’s already seen me without makeup on and still likes me sooo I’d say we’re sitting pretty.

But how much of this feeling is derived from not wanting to be alone at Christmas, and how much is actual feels?

I haven’t been in a position like this for a long time. Even when I was single for that brief blip two years ago, I never got to the point where I started to actually feel things for those people. Well that’s not true, but I mean, of the people I actually dated, I did not develop feelings.

But, I also haven’t been single at Christmas for 6 years, so maybe this is just what happens.

So here’s the thing. My heart gets fluttery when I think about him. I have to stop myself from texting him all the time because I’m trying to be at least a little bit normal. I really really like being near him.

But maybe it’s just Christmas, ya know?

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