Meditation on a really nice day in isolation

The world is starting to feel different. I think it’s probably because the season has finally turned around and it really feels like spring.

I always feel my best at the turn of the season. I’ve definitely written about this before, but there is something about that feeling as things stop hinting at being new and fully lean into it that I find deeply satisfying and so exciting. Spring and fall are my favourites. Despite the fact that snow mold allergies like to mimic the symptoms of a certain unnamed (jk it has a name) virus, the newness of spring is rejuvenating, in more ways than usual.

With the changing of seasons, of weather, comes other change.

I used to hate change. Change that is thrust upon you without your consent is terrifying. But I learned to lean into it. Change is an opportunity, even if it looks like a slap in the face.

An opportunity, in this case, to slow down. Take a look at what you really want. FaceTime three sets of friends in one day. Drink coffee on a blanket in the grass. Sleep in too late and not feel bad about it.

Talk about your (entire) life with someone who gets you and who’s experienced these changes, just a little sooner. Change can show us what we want and what we need.

I was feeling a little stuck. I was where I wanted to be, arguably, but still felt scared and like I couldn’t leave. Now the whole world is open to me. I can follow the good feelings and maybe I won’t have as much money in my pocket but has that ever stopped me before?

Spring evenings have always made me introspective, but now that introspection is forced in a way that is rather unprecedented. Maybe a bad week can turn into a good week thanks to a few good chats and some kisses and sunshine walks and sushi. Maybe a bad season can turn into a good one. I’m really excited to see what happens, at least today, because it’s been a good day.

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